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Is there a multilingual app that provides parents of children aged 0 to 16 with information about raising children, education and health?

Yes. The app is called parentu and can be downloaded free of charge (App Store, Google Play).

Being a parent today is harder than ever. You can find answers to a wide range of questions from numerous brochures, guides, Internet forums and apps. The parentu app helps parents by providing advice on everyday family issues and up-to-date expert knowledge. The information is available in Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, German, English, Farsi, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Tigrinya and Turkish.

How can I save on health insurance fund costs?

Health insurance fund premiums can make a big dent in a household budget. There are various ways to reduce premium costs:

Pay a high excess. A high excess (maximum CHF 2,500) greatly reduces the premiums. Note: This is only worthwhile if you are infrequently ill and don’t need to go to the doctor often.

A cheap health insurance fund. Compare the health insurance funds’ premiums and benefits, using the premium calculator on the government website, for example.

The canton’s individual premium discounts. People on a low income are entitled to cantonal premium discounts. This means that the canton pays some of the health insurance fund premiums. You have to submit a form every year by the deadline to register your claim. You can find out about this from the community where you are living, or the Grisons Social Insurance Office.

Why is it important to have Privathaftpflichtversicherung (personal liability insurance)?

If you cause damage or injury to another person or their property, you may be held liable to the full extent of your assets. It is therefore important for individuals and families to take out personal insurance, as this will cover the cost of the damage. Frequently landlords and authorities also expect you to take out personal liability insurance.

There are numerous insurance companies in Switzerland offering such insurance. It is worth comparing benefits and premiums, as they vary greatly.