Where to find information about important day-to-day matters, where to find information about the Swiss authorities and the public holidays that take place in Graubünden - this site provides you with answers to these and many other questions.

Where can I find information about important day-to-day matters?

Canton of Graubünden welcome brochure

The canton of Graubünden welcome brochure contains lots of useful information on topics such as communicating, work, family, children, school, accommodation, health, insurance, mobility and the environment. The brochure also includes a list of advice and support services and is available in 19 languages. multilingual information platform

Lots of useful information about everyday life in Graubünden and living in Switzerland is also available on the website. The information is available in Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Dari/Farsi, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Tamil and Tigrinya.

Grisons Information Centre for Integration

Our team at the Informationszentrums Integration (Integration Information Centre) can provide advice and information on issues such as: How do I go about finding accommodation? Why do I need health insurance? Is there someone who can help me to budget for my household expenses? How can I help my child when he or she is growing up speaking several languages?

If you have a question or concern that we can’t help with, we will put you in touch with the competent specialists and/or organisation.

Make the most of our knowledge and expertise. You can contact us by telephone on 081 257 36 83 or e-mail us at


Where can I find information about the Swiss authorities?

The information portal provided by the Federal government and cantons offers lots of useful information on personal matters, foreign nationals in Switzerland, health and social matters, education and research, mobility, safety, government and law. The information is available in German, Italian, Romansh, French and English.