What the emergency telephone numbers are in Switzerland, where to find help in the event of mental, physical or sexual violence, other sources of advice available in Graubünden – you can find the appropriate information on this site.

What are the emergency numbers in Switzerland?

Emergency numbers for Switzerland. Can be reached 24/7

  • Police: 117
  • Fire brigade (fire, water, gas): 118
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Emergency number (police, fire brigade, ambulance): 112
  • Swiss Air Rescue (REGA; rescue helicopter): 1414
  • Poisoning (toxicological information centre): 145
  • Telephone assistance for children and young people: 147

Where can I find an overview of advice services in Graubünden?

The address section of the cantonal Welcome brochure lists lots of organisations that provide expertise and advice. If you can’t find a service that meets your needs, the Integration Information Centre, Grabenstrasse 1, 7001 Chur will be happy to help you. Contact us on 081 257 36 83 or e-mail

The "find-help GR" online directory contains details of advice and support services for health and social matters. Services in your area will be displayed if you enter a keyword and the place where you live.

I am a victim of mental, physical or sexual violence. Where can I get help?

On the basis of the Opferhilfegesetz (Victim Support Act), anyone in Switzerland who has suffered physical, mental or sexual harm as a result of a criminal act has a right to support and help. The website explains what victim support is, who it is aimed at and where victims of domestic, sexual, or physical violence can get help. The corresponding information is available in 15 languages.

The Opferhilfe Graubünden (Victim Support Graubünden) advice centre advises and supports women, men, children and young people affected by violence. Advice is free, confidential and, on request, anonymous. Opferhilfe Graubünden (Graubünden Victim Support) can be contacted on 081 257 31 50 or by e-mailing

In an emergency, call the police on telephone number 117!

What is Frauenhaus Graubünden (Graubünden Abused Women’s Shelter)?

The Frauenhaus Graubünden (Grisons Women’s Shelter) provides women, their children and female adolescents with accommodation and protection, support and advice. The Women’s Shelter is open to female victims of any nationality and can be contacted 24 hours per day. Telephone 081 252 38 02. Advice is also available via the Internet.